You got served

Yeah, I know the title is a triple pun. What of it? =)

Admittedly I'm scraping the boundaries of legibility with this one. For anyone interested here's the full legal text from panel 3:


Complete Indifference to Potential Dating

Be it known that I, the undersigned, having just left a long term relationship, voluntarily chooses to refrain from any romantic interpersonal entanglements for a period of a while. The undersigned has been hurt and needs time. Any advances of a sexual or romantic nature will not be reciprocated, e.g., flirting, prolonged eye contact, light touches to the knee, drunken late-night text messages, casual but seductive hair flips, premeditated tickle fights, over-emphatic laughter, back rub offers, et al. A special exception is withheld for ear lobes nibbles.