Hey… Dan Wheeler here.

I'm a freelance Graphic Designer/Production Artist specializing in  book design and long document management  living in Portland, Oregon.

Knowledge Universe


Production Manager and Lead Designer on a series of course curricula manuals spanning 5 age groups. 
Final delivery will consist of 19 manuals averaging more than 460 pages each. Managed team of 3 designers, training them to use my custom‑created template/styling solution to ensure 100% consistency over this large‑scope project. Primary focus was to create and implement a robust, automated styling solution so page 1 would precisely match page 8800.


Book Designer for a series of short story anthologies: 35 stories (476 pages), 8 stories (183 pages), 9 stories (174 pages). Primary focus was to find appropriate grace notes to stylistically unify all the stories while maintaining legibility and smooth text flow.

Parsons Brinckerhoff

Graphic Designer/Production Artist on a 582 page environmental impact study. Incorporated material from 7 environmental reports and styled it into a cohesive whole consisting of 12 chapters, 11 appendices and 4 tables of contents. Created all accompanying graphics (84 maps, 86 tables and 28 graphs). Oversaw document through 3 rounds of review by related state and federal agencies over the course of 2.5 years.


Willamette Valley Medical Center

Graphic Designer on a rebranding project to redesign all patient-facing joint replacement materials. Concepted, designed and delivered 2 50-page guidebooks, 8 newsletters, 24 posters and 5 brochures on time and under budget.


Oregon Kombucha

Graphic Designer/Brand Consultant initiating the brand identity for new company. Establish visual style and design all retail packaging a local start‑up beverage company. Product line launched Spring 2010 with 6 flavors available in bottles or starter kits and carried by such vendors as Powell’s, Zupan’s, People’s Food Co‑op and Food Front Co‑op.